Avex Recital Series

Bringing world class Japanese classical artists to London’s iconic Wigmore Hall, the Avex Recital Series has proved highly popular since 2016.

Avex Recital Series is presented by Avex Classics International, a part of Japan’s largest entertainment company, the Avex Group. Based in Tokyo and London, Avex Classics International is a global operation specialising in planning and producing classical music concerts, musical and video content, and management of classical musicians.

Avex Classics International’s mission is: “to create, innovate and facilitate exciting and engaging experiences for artists and audiences alike.”

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2020  >> more
CANCELLED(Closure of Wigmore Hall ~31 July 2020)
2019   >> more
HONJOH Hidejiro shamisen Wigmore Hall Recital

SARA KOBAYASHI soprano Wigmore Hall Début Recital

NOBUAKI FUKUKAWA horn Wigmore Hall Début Recital

2018   >> more
Yuki Ito / Sofya Gulyak ~All Rachmaninov Programme~

Dai Fujikura Portrait

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